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I will faithfully keep and abide by the following rules and carry them out to the best of my ability:

  1. I will play any position assigned to me and will always do my very best for the team.
  2. When my team is not playing, I will stay off the playing field completely and will not interfere with those that are playing.
  3. I solemnly pledge that I will not, in any way, damage or deface any property, building, or equipment.
  4. I agree to abide by all decisions of game officials and will not create any unsportsmanlike gestures at any time.
  5. I agree that I will be a respectful person at all times and I will refrain from using foul language.
  6. I agree to return, upon request, the uniform and other equipment issued to me in the same condition as when received, except for normal wear and tear.


Attendance at all practice sessions and games is necessary. It is hard on any participant to miss practice sessions. If a participant cannot attend due to illness or injury, please contact their head coach and explain the absence. Contacting anyone OTHER than the head coach is not acceptable. Please note that playing time may be reduced as a result of missed practices.


Good diet and sleep habits are a must for an athlete. A good diet will give them the source of energy their body needs, and good sleep habits will allow their muscles to rest properly and gain the strength that will be needed in a contact sport.


All players must have a current medical release form completed and signed by a parent AND a doctor. If a physical cannot be arranged in time, we have made arrangements with the Chiropractic offices of Dr. Danny Chan, for discounted physicals ($20.00). Please call 650-756-9003 to schedule an appointment - some same day appointments are available.


During the first week of practice, beginning August 1, the student/athlete is subjected to a vigorous training program that is designed to build the strength and stamina needed to cope with a physical contact sport.

In accordance with Pop Warner regulations, we are allowed to carry a maximum of 35 players per team. There are no try-outs. Once a player is signed up, they're on the team. The first 35 players signed up on each team will get a roster spot. Teams are assigned by age and weight.


Any player must be cut who:

  1. Weighs 10 or more pounds above the maximum weight for the selected division of play at the time of the initial weigh-in on August 1.
  2. Weighs 3 or more pounds less than the minimum weight for the selected division of play at the time of the initial weigh-in on August 1.
  3. Is found to have signed up as the result of parental pressure or who tells team management they do not really want to play.
  4. Is physically or mentally unprepared to play in a the sport, and whose actions or lack of aggression prove to jeopardize their health or the health of their teammates.
  5. Refuses or cannot furnish the 4 required items; Parental consent, medical examination, proof of age and scholastic fitness.
  6. Has one or two artificial legs (technically: illegal equipment). However, a player with an artificial hand or arm may play upon removing same.
  7. Is found to be simultaneously trying out for a school tackle football team, or who once the season starts is found to be playing for a school tackle football team. However, participation in a school flag football team, if required by curriculum of the school P.E. program, is allowed.
  8. Attempts to intimidate fellow players in practice by word and/or physical deed.
  9. Is a disciplinary problem.
  10. The parents/family member or family friend exhibits unsportsmanlike conduct in front of the coach or other spectators.


A player shall be considered a voluntary or "self-cut" player when they simply no longer show up for practice or games of their own free will.


All candidates that have been put on a team roster must be certified. Certification includes the verification of their age and weight. Certification is conducted by the Commissioner of Peninsula Pop Warner Football. The candidate's age is verified by their birth certificate. Weights are verified in the presence of the Commissioner, and if all requirements are met, their picture and certification form are stamped "approved". The current year's report card will be required to complete the certification. Once the candidate is certified, they will be allowed to weigh in at 1 pound per week over the maximum weight listed for their division.