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The support of the parents, both mothers and fathers, is essential to the success of any youth program, but this support should be of the off-field variety in such activities as board positions, fund raising, promotions, equipment maintenance, team sponsorship, snack shack and other volunteer activities, as well as loyal but fair, fan support in the stands on the day of the game.

Parents must clearly understand the aim of the Pop Warner program, which is to teach their children good sportsmanship, fair play and a love and appreciation for the game of football.

Parents must never interfere with the operation of the team just because their child happens to be a member of that team. They will be better supporters of the team if they understand what the coaches are trying to do. The coach is the best judge of his players' abilities and capabilities and parents should not question his use of personnel, plays, strategy or methods. The coaching staff will be available after each session to answer your questions and we encourage parents to utilize this time.

Alcoholic beverages and/or drugs are not allowed on the school premises at any time. Those that fail to adhere to this policy will be reported to the local authorities. In addition, the team will forfeit the game, per Pop Warner rules.

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A team representative will be asking for volunteers to help at the games. Please let your team representative know if you can be of help in any of these areas. Here is a list of game volunteer positions for football. Some of these positions may be altered by the team's Coach. You will be notified accordingly, should positions be altered. All Volunteers need to check-in with the Team Parent or Team Volunteer Manager fifteen minutes prior to start of game.


Home Games Only - One Person (may have an assistant): Announces game actions and status from team announcement to final game play. Must have football knowledge and the ability to read signals from the referee.

Chain Crew

Home Games Only - Three People: Hold chain or field marker on the opposing sideline, move chains when instructed by the referee. Must remain unbiased and cannot cheer from the sideline./p>

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

Home Games Only - One Person: Must be doctor, nurse or medical professional, trained EMT, or fire personnel with first-aid / CPR certification. Duty consists of standing on home sideline during home games and assessing any injury that may occur. The EMT may be asked to be on duty during team practices as well.

Ice & Water Team

All Games - Two People: One person brings 2-3 bags of ice or as weather/need dictates. One person brings 2-3 gallon jugs of water as weather/need dicates.

Mandatory Play Rule (MPR) Monitor

All Games - One Person: Each football participant must play a minimum of 10 plays; or as the size of the team dictates. The MPR Monitor stands on the opposing sideline with an MPR sheet that is provided by the opposing coach. As players go in for plays or come out of the game the monitor records the activity on the MPR sheet. Your duty is complete when all players have met the MPR requirements.

Mandatory Play Rule (MPR) Spotter

All Games - One Person: The MPR Spotter stands on the home sideline and spots for the opposing team’s MPR Monitor who is monitoring our team. Watch for players going in and coming out and report it to the monitor.

Newspaper Write-Up

After each game we will ask for a write up to be submitted to the Pacifica Tribune and Pacifica Patch. The article will include highlights about the day, winners, pictures, etc.

Oranges Supplier

One or More People: Bring sliced oranges to all games for the players. The players will renourish during half-time. This can be a shared task.

Photography & Videography

We encourage photography and video capture but you must remain off the field. You are welcome to share your photos and videos that will be published to the Pacifica Tigersharks web site.